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Immersed in the rich tapestry of Indian folklore, 'Pulikali - Dance of the Tigers' takes viewers into the heart of a centuries-old tradition celebrated in Kerala, South India. This distinctive folk art comes alive during Onam, Kerala's most cherished festival, specifically on its fourth day, showcasing a spirited dance known as 'Pulikali' or 'tiger play.' Through this documentary, audiences will experience the pulsating rhythms of traditional percussion that accompany dancers whose bodies are transformed into vibrant canvases of yellow, red, and black, mirroring the fierce beauty of tigers. This visual feast is not just a dance but a performance that narrates tales of the wild - from the thrill of the hunt to the playful interactions between the hunters and their prey. As the dancers move with energetic flair, they capture the imagination of thousands of spectators who flock to the streets, becoming part of a spectacle that bridges the gap between art and celebration. 'Pulikali - Dance of the Tigers' is more than a documentary; it's an invitation to witness the joyous embrace of tradition and communal spirit that Pulikali brings to life


Genre: Documentary
Duration: 30 Mins


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