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Theyyam is a famous ritual art form of North Kerala in India where legends truly come to life. It brings alive the great stories of the state and glorifies the beliefs of the ancient tribes. Theyyam is a thousand-year-old dance form ritual so ancient that it predates Hinduism. The customary art assumes that man is a form of God who assures prosperity to the society through the Theyyam performance. Theyyattam or the ‘Divine Dance of the Deity’ is observed in local tiny temples where the performers embellish themselves with decorative red apparel, ornate headgear and golden ornaments. The art form includes dance, drama music and mime performances accompanied by the rhythmic beats of musical instruments. It gives importance to the worship of spirits and heroes of ancestors. There are over 400 separate Theyyams, each unique in its style and artistry performed yearly. The Theyyam season occurs from December to April in many temples or Kavu across Kannur, Nileswaram, Kurumathoor, Cherukunnu, Ezhom and Kunnathoorpadu in North Malabar. The divine deity (Theyyam) wears heavy makeup and adorns theatrical costumes and elaborate headgear. The mesmeric experience of the ritualistic sprightly dance amid glowing firelight of torches made of palm dried leaves and the spiritual influences of Theyyam stories are endless.

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 30 Mins


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Super Audio Madras Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Mr. Navin Daswani in 1980, and is based in Chennai, India. Geethanjali, a record label under it, was established to produce and distribute audio content in a number of languages and formats. Our extensive audio catalogue is available on leading digital platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Gaana, Sawan, among others.

Super Audio diversified into video content about 15 years ago with a wide portfolio that includes fairy tales, Indian mythological stories, rhymes and educational videos which has been distributed on linear television and the digital space on various SVOD, TVOD platforms and also has a large audience on YouTube. Our new brand, Klay Entertainment, now creates original IP video content, starting with children's videos with plans to diversify even further.


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